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 Coaching Services with Joyce Walker MCC 

Help develop and carry out realistic Goals
Identify needs, values, and standards
Establish supportive environment for success
Develop strategies, solutions, and systems
Expand perception of options
Reduce procrastination
Encourage completion
Support prioritizing and decision making
Ask pertinent questions
Create AD/HD accountability
Teach you to delegate when necessary
Put pieces in place that lead to success
Help You Overcome Challenges
Listen (not judge)
Listen with belief
Make you feel heard
Listen without interrupting, or acting bored
Encourage you to take notes
Encourage you to work on one challenge at a time
I take pertinent notes
I ask you pertinent questions to help you figure out the answers
Enhance communication skills
Improve relationships
Teach you systems development and other strategies
Promote new awareness for success
Initiate and encourage completion of tasks
Help you prioritize and manage time
Organize You, Your Things, Space, and Your Life
Analyze what you need organization for
Brainstorm ideas with you
Encourage you to make a to do list and prioritize it
Schedule time slots to do things on list
Teach you how to use a day planner
Help you organize ideas, plans, and projects
Teach you to organize and remove clutter
Have you get a calendar and planner to get you into habit to schedule time and appointments
Encourage you to look at it several times a day
Have you write a to do, to call, to go, and to get on large lined Post-it pad
Teach you what to do with it
Encourage you to make lists in steno pad
Teach you what to do with lists
Plan time to organize space 
Have you get boxes/bags for things and label #1 -Keeping and #2-not keeping; start sorting
Encourage you to OHIO- Only Handle It Once
Encourage you to plan the night before 
Provide Structure
Encourage you to wear a watch
Remove and turn off distractions
Teach you to minimize distractions
Stop, pause, breathe, and take action
Use rewards for achieving goals
Set boundaries
Simplify your life
Help you create balances
Help You Develop New Skills
Set personal and/or business goals
Personalize strategies and systems
I ask the questions, listen and you provide the answers
Help develop systems to manage distractibility and impulsivity
Encourage self-care and self-management
Help improve social and communication skills
Develop new skills/structure/solutions/strategies and systems for success
Discover and encourage your strengths
Manage conflict
Create Realistic Goals
Identify needs, values, and standards
Setup support and supportive environment for success
Develop strategies, solutions, and systems
Expand perception of options
Support prioritizing and decision making
Create ADD accountability
Teach you to delegate when necessary
Put pieces in place that lead to success
Manage Emotional State Of Clients
Eliminate should's
Remove blame and shame
Encourage self-care
Help reduce overwhelm
Eliminate toleration's
Discover your strengths and gifts
Give advice when necessary
Create synergy
Improve relationships
Enhance communication skills
Help develop healthy habits
Monitor medication
Encourage eating right and exercise
Nurture you
Encourage you
Praise, praise, praise
Empower self-image
Control worry
Reduce stress
ADD Education
Learn about your ADD / AD/HD
How does it affect you?
Learn what can be done
Help you appreciate you and your individualism
Listen to your fears, grief, and concerns
Help you know yourself better
Applaud your strengths and personal gifts
Help you love yourself
Write down homework assignments
Encourage you not to forget to take your medication
Find out if you can have extra set of text books at home
Take books, papers, and notes to and from school
Teach study skills
Teach note taking
Work on organizing yourself, your stuff, and your surroundings
Help make you aware of time to improve time management
Teach how to schedule homework, projects, studying, activities, appointments, downtime, fun, and sleep
Use of planner or Palm Pilot
Teach clutter control
Monitor you and your medication
Correspond with your doctor if parents desire
Encourage, validate, listen, guide, and advise
Help develop social skills
Improve family relationship
Keep peace in family
Praise, praise, praise!
Business Coaching
Help you develop business plan
Have you list your goals
What is your budget?
Find out pertinent information
Walk you through action steps one chunk at a time

Affiliations and Associations:

AD/HD Coaching Association (ACO)

Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (C.H.A.D.D.)
International Coaching Federation (ICF)
Attention DEficit Disorder Association (ADDA)
Insitute for Advancement of AD/HD Coaches (IAAC)
Joyce holds the elite Master Certified Coach, (MCC) credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
How to Contact Me:

I prefer phone calls but you may email me also. 
If you call I can take your phone number and call you right back if you prefer.
I would love to answer any questions you might have.  I am dedicated to my clients and my family.  I love what I do and I am committed to helping people live the life they in vision.

    Organize You, Your Things, Your Space and Your Life!

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